We are a financial boutique specialized in startups and high tech companies that provides fundraising and M&A services.

 We focus on the fundraising process for emerging technology companies that are seeking a series A or a series B round. Thus, we work closely with the main venture capital funds in Spain, Europe and US as well as super angels and family offices that actively investing in the startup ecosystem.

Moreover, we also provide mergers and acquisitions advisory, both buy- and sell-side. Our specialization on new digital business models and technologies allow us to collaborate with others M&A boutiques and investment banking firms like Arcano, The Vector Company or Merrill Lynch among others.


We are a team of entrepreneurs with a corporate finance background, which allows to understand how works both sides, what one needs and what the other is looking for.

We involve very hands-on in the teams of the projects we work with, analyzing deeply their needs, setting up their financial strategy and preparing the company to expand internationally.


We focus on high-growth startups and high-tech companies, either with B2B or B2C models. Our range of expertise include:

Valencia, Spain